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Ethimo handmade

The quality of each piece in the Ehimo collection starts from the value of an original design, the result of the interpretation of traditional concepts and materials, in the light of taste and contemporary lifestyle.

Fine woods fromcultivations with controlled reforestation. Recyclable synthetic fibres that recreate the sensations of organic materials. Varnishes that respect the enviroment, with colours that take thei inspiration from nature.

Ethimo selects the materials for their technical and functional qualities, but also for their ability to give a feeling of natural comfort, elegance and prestige: to look at and to touch.

Ethimo materials

Teak Ethimo


Ethimo teak comes from controlled forest plantations in Thailand and Indonesia. The result is an excellent, high quality material, ideal for outdoor furniture.
It is particularly resistant to changes in temperature, water, humidity and saltwater.

Pickled Teak Ethimo

Pickled Teak

To give the best quality teak a vintage charm, this is treated with pickled finish.
First it is brushed, making the surface rougher and older, depriving it of the natural oily film. Then it is protected with a treatment that makes it look gray from the start. Over time, it takes on the natural silver gray patina, like untreated teak, keeping the brushed finish to the touch.This type of teak should not be treated with oil, but only cleaned with soap and water.

Teak chocolate Ethimo

Teak chocolate

Pickled teak To give teak vintage charm, it is “pickled”, in other words, it is firstly brushed to give the surface a rougher, older appearance, and remove the natural oily coating. It is then tinted. For the “chocolate” version, after being brushed, the surface is treated with a warmer, more intense colour that still allows the original vein markings of the teak to shine through. These finishes give the wood long-lasting protection from oxidisation. We also supply special kits for annual maintenance.

Painted Mahogany Ethimo

Painted Mahogany

As for painted wooden furniture, Ethimo chooses mahogany wood coming from regulated Indonesian plantations.
Mahogany is a very durable hardwood, extremely suitable for outdoor use, also commonly used in boat building. after drying and before painting, the wood is treated with a sealant which closes the pores making it waterproof. The paints used are weather resistant and weatherproof, guaranteed by a special procedure for fixing the colour.

Comfortable flat rope Ethimo

Comfortable flat rope

This is a flat rope made of synthetic material used by Ethimo to create the woven seat in the Knit collection. The material is extremely resistant to UV rays and wear caused by atmospheric exposure, therefore making it particularly suitable for

Etwick Ethimo


Ethimo Etwick fiber is completely recyclable and recreates wicker's natural look. It perfectly withstands the elements and the passage of time.
It is handwoven and it has a rough finish which makes it perfectly natural to the touch and sight.

Lightwick Ethimo


Ethimo Lightwick fibre is a weaving composed of a wire base with a diameter of 2 mm with a round section used to create different meshes carrying out an irregular, very comfortable pattern.
Combined with the aluminium frame, it gives shape to outdoor elements characterized by extreme lightness and strength.

Metal Ethimo


Ethimo metal is processed and treated to ensure optimal quality, rust resistance, strength and durability when used outdoors. all the hardware used is stainless steel and the paint is made with epoxy powder paints specific for outdoor use.
The paints used are solvent-free, they do not contain any VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or any toxic heavy metals such as chromium and lead, they are 99% recyclable.

Terracotta Ethimo


The clay which the garden lamps Step and Tour are made of, occurs naturally in a particular ecosystem in the provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Grosseto, in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany.
The clay comes to life in the hands of experienced workers in the furnaces of the Val di Chiana, adapting to the shape of the mold. Removed from the mold, the workpiece is purified by imperfections.
Then, thanks to the dexterity of the operators, it takes place the final aesthetic exaltation of the item.After a slow and homogeneous phase of dehydration, the products are placed in ovens for cooking, which requires about 3 days, reaching a maximum temperature of about 1000 degrees.

Fabrics Ethimo


All the fabrics in the Ethimo collection are specifically made for outdoor use. Other than the particular softness to the touch, they offer the maximum resistance to UV rays and guarantee a long life. A specific treatment protects them from liquids and dirt and makes them easy to clean, with a soft sponge and mild soap, or in a washing machine at low temperatures. Especially all Waterproof fabrics are characterized by special PVC layer, which makes them 100% waterproof.

Rug Collection Ethimo

Rug Collection

Ethimo expands its proposals to create a complete outdoor habitat, with a new collection of rugs specifically for outdoor use. Two different weaves, each in two inspired shades, algae green and indigo blue, to define the most diverse spaces.

Rain cover Ethimo

Rain cover

The rain covers are made of polyester (330g/m²) and are 100% waterproof thanks to a layer of PVC. The fabric is also resistant to UV rays and bad weather and it is also ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions or on boats. The seams are sealed with a hot-rolled waterproof membrane. Equipped with air intakes to ensure ventilation and an adjustable drawstring for closing.