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Accoya® is a highly durable new timber product obtained thanks to a non-toxic acetylation process, with qualities that make it ideal for outside purposes. It is produced from sustainable raw materials and has greater dimensional stability and durability than the best tropical hardwoods.

For Ethimo products in Accoya®, the wood is supplied already treated with “Ethimo Special Oil” so that the surface is immediately and suitably protected. The surface of the wood will deteriorate depending on its exposure to the elements and may vary over time.
At the first signs of greying, the surface must be treated with a coat of “Ethimo Special Oil”. The oil must be applied with a brush to the cleaned surface, free from dirt, dust and grease.

If the wood is particularly grey or there is mould on the surface, the wood must first be cleaned with the special Ethimo Teak Revitaliser, following the steps below:
1. wet the wood;
2. apply the concentrated cleaning product, using a brush with synthetic bristles and following the direction of the wood fibre;
3. leave the product to work for 10 minutes;
4. rinse with water, again brushing the wood in the direction of the fibres.

Then apply two coats of “Ethimo Special Oil”.

  • Accoya<sup>®</sup> T1A

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