Ceramic stone Ethimo

Ceramic stone

Ceramic stone



Ceramic is an ideal material for outdoor use, extremely resistant to frost, wear, scratches and abrasion. Suitable for counters and table tops because it is antibacterial and totally compatible with foodstuffs. The finishes chosen by Ethimo reproduce the authenticity of natural stone or the resin–coated effect in slate black and dove grey.

Ceramic stone can be cleaned and treated by any type of product, hydrochloric acid is also recommended.

  • Ice White LI
    Ice White
  • Stone Graphite LR
    Stone Graphite
  • Disegno LL
  • Sand LS
  • Slate Grey LN
    Slate Grey
  • Dove Grey LG
    Dove Grey
  • LB White LB
    LB White
  • Grey LT
  • Black Vulcano LV
    Black Vulcano
  • Ceramic Stone Emperador Extra Brown LEE
    Ceramic Stone Emperador Extra Brown
  • Ceramic Stone Anthracite LC
    Ceramic Stone Anthracite

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