Ropes Ethimo



The ropes used in the Ethimo collections are specific for outdoor use and made from a synthetic material that is highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and the elements. In different cross-sections (flat and round) and compositions (polypropylene for Flat Rope, acrylic for Round Rope), they create extremely functional and comfortable woven seats and backs.

Flat Rope


To clean off the dust and dirt that may collect in the rope weave, simply wash with a pressure washer and leave to dry thoroughly. Do not cover the furniture while still damp.

  • Flat Rope Lava Grey R70
    Flat Rope Lava Grey
  • Flat Rope Light Grey R71
    Flat Rope Light Grey

Round rope


To clean the dirt and dust that may creep in between the rope weave, simply wash the furniture with pressurized water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Avoid covering the cabinet when it is still wet.

  • Round Rope Light Grey R1
    Round Rope Light Grey
  • Round Rope Taupe R2
    Round Rope Taupe
  • Round Rope Lava Grey R4
    Round Rope Lava Grey
  • Flat Rope Grey RFG
    Flat Rope Grey
  • Round Rope Sand RCS
    Round Rope Sand
  • Round Rope Grey RCG
    Round Rope Grey
  • Round Rope Dark Grey RCD
    Round Rope Dark Grey
  • Round Rope Ruby Wine R52
    Round Rope Ruby Wine
  • Round Rope Olive Green R56
    Round Rope Olive Green

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