Concrete Ethimo





Material usually used in construction today becomes an element of contemporary design, dressing furniture items dedicated both indoors and outdoors. Especially suitable for outdoor use thanks to its resistance to atmospheric agents, cement has a silky texture that recalls the typical materiality of natural elements.

We recommend washing the surface with a non-abrasive sponge and neutral soap.

  • Concrete CS
  • White Concrete CS01
    White Concrete
  • Red Stone Concrete CS02
    Red Stone Concrete
  • Purple Concrete CS03
    Purple Concrete
  • Concrete Beige CS07
    Concrete Beige
  • Grigio Carbone CS04
    Grigio Carbone
  • Rosso Mattone CS05
    Rosso Mattone
  • Verde Foglia CS06
    Verde Foglia
  • Terracotta C64
  • Red Earth C65
    Red Earth
  • Mud Grey C66
    Mud Grey

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