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Ethimo uses natural stone, such as statuary marble and lava stone.
The marble is given a treatment to protect its surface that leaves it with a matte finish. Lava stone, enamelled in emerald green, may vary in colour and show occasional irregularities. These are traits characteristic of both the natural stone and the artisan finish. After specific treatment, surfaces in marble and enamelled lava stone ensure exceptional hygiene, resistance to atmospheric agents, staining, scratching and low water absorption. They are also highly resistant to wear and tear and differences in temperature. 


Cleaning and maintenance
We recommend washing the surface with a non-abrasive sponge and neutral soap. 

  • MS Statuary Marble ...MS Statuary Marble
  • PSR  Enamelled Lava Stone Smeraldo ...PSR Enamelled Lava Stone Smeraldo
  • PLSB Enamelled Lava Stone Opaque White ...PLSB Enamelled Lava Stone Opaque White
  • PLA Lava Stone Ardesia ...PLA Lava Stone Ardesia
  • PSP Enamelled Lava Stone Acquamarina ...PSP Enamelled Lava Stone Acquamarina
  • PSL London Smoke ...PSL London Smoke
  • MM Mosaic marble ...MM Mosaic marble
  • MC Cipollino marble ...MC Cipollino marble

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