Painted mahogany Ethimo

Painted mahogany

Painted mahogany



As for painted wooden furniture, Ethimo chooses mahogany wood coming from regulated Indonesian plantations. Mahogany is a very durable hardwood, extremely suitable for outdoor use, also commonly used in boat building. after drying and before painting, the wood is treated with a sealant which closes the pores making it waterproof. The paints used are weather resistant and weatherproof, guaranteed by a special procedure for fixing the colour.

In the case of painted mahogany furniture, it is necessary to take care of the surfaces avoiding scratches and scrapes. For the cleaning of surfaces it is advisable to use only mild soap and water, absolutely avoiding sponges, aggressive detergents and abrasive agents. To restore the peeling surfaces, the corresponding touch-up paint is available.

  • Langhe Green M4
    Langhe Green
  • Lipari Grey M6
    Lipari Grey
  • Pantelleria Blue M2
    Pantelleria Blue
  • Ostuni White M3
    Ostuni White

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