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  • W20 Etwick bark
    W20 Etwick bark
  • W21 Etwick white
    W21 Etwick white
  • W22 Lightwick warmgrey
    W22 Lightwick warmgrey
  • W23 Lightwick warmwhite
    W23 Lightwick warmwhite
  • WNF Sand Beige Tight Weave
    WNF Sand Beige Tight Weave
  • WNH Sand Beige Wide Weave
    WNH Sand Beige Wide Weave

Ethimo Etwick fiber is completely recyclable and recreates wicker’s natural look. It perfectly withstands the elements and the passage of time. It is handwoven and it has a rough finish which makes it perfectly natural to the touch and sight.

Ethimo Lightwick fibre is a weaving composed of a wire base with a diameter of 2 mm with a round section used to create different meshes carrying out an irregular, very comfortable pattern. Combined with the aluminium frame, it gives shape to outdoor elements characterized by extreme lightness and strength.

Ethimo Natwick fibre is a recyclable synthetic fibre in a natural and sand– colour finish, whose semi–circular section means it can be used fo especially light, dynamic weaving. Extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and wear.


Cleaning and maintenance
For normal cleaning and maintenance it is advisable to wash the fiber with pressurized water, using a non-abrasive sponge and mild soap or with a soft-bristled brush to better penetrate the cracks in the weave. It is recommended to not use tools that can scratch the surface of the fiber. Let the furniture dry in the sun. Cover with cushions only when it is completely dry.

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