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Rug collection

Rug collection



Water-resistant – UV resistant

The collection is primarly designed and treated for outdoor use, UV (color fading) and weather resistant. Carpets can be stain-proof, anti-mold and water repellent treated. Carpets are also perfectly suitable for indoor use.


  • puntocroce Grey Silver / White PCG
    puntocroce Grey Silver / White
  • puntocroce Black / White PCBW
    puntocroce Black / White
  • rete Grey Silver / Ink Blue PREB
    rete Grey Silver / Ink Blue
  • Camouflage Grey Silver PCAG
    Camouflage Grey Silver
  • Camouflage Greysilver/Turquoise PCAT
    Camouflage Greysilver/Turquoise


  • Moka PP68152
  • Verde Alga PP68153
    Verde Alga
  • Rosso Granata PP68161
    Rosso Granata

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