Glass Ethimo




Glass is solid, light, transparent, and sustainable because it is 100% recyclable. Known and used for thousands of years, it is made from silica, which, at extremely high temperatures, turns into an incandescent material that can then be moulded to make infinite shapes. Blown glass from Murano in particular exploits an art invented in the first century B.C., its expressive language the result of skilled artisans who, by blow through a long tube, swell this material and lend it form.

  • V1 / Transparent Fumè ...V1 / Transparent Fumè
  • V3 / Transparent Amber ...V3 / Transparent Amber
  • V5 / Transparent Light Anthracite ...V5 / Transparent Light Anthracite
  • V2 / Acid Etched Fumè ...V2 / Acid Etched Fumè
  • V4 / Acid Etched Amber ...V4 / Acid Etched Amber
  • V6 / Acid-etched Light anthracite ...V6 / Acid-etched Light anthracite
  • VBA / White Acid-etched ...VBA / White Acid-etched

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