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Mediterranean home living

Land surrounded by sea. The hot sun that embraces the landscape. Luxuriant plants and trees that offer their fruit. Majestic Etna looks on from above, an attentive guardian, while shade and light play their lively games among the orchards, highlighting natural microcosms and rural architectures. The welcoming warmth of Puglia, the spectacular beauty of the island of Favignana, historic and contemporary interiors, private residences and refined hotels. All places with unique atmosphere sharing a great appeal that makes them so distinct — Mediterranean appeal.
A magic, welcoming scenario, the cradle of millenary cultures and daily habits, where warm colours and inebriating fragrances create multi-sensorial experiences. An unparalleled, surprising journey that provides Ethimo with the inspiration for its collections, a continually evolving project where the typically Italian sense of harmony, beauty and knowhow merges with the design contributions and cultural background of important names in international design, such as Christophe Pillet, Marc Sadler, Luca Nichetto, Patrick Norguet, Matteo Thun, and Antonio Rodriguez.


Alpine charm

From the Mediterranean to the Dolomites, defined by Le Corbusier as “the most beautiful natural architecture in the world”, the Ethimo collections take inspiration from the spirit of places where nature, history and the present are combined to create a refined, meditative, charming and inspirational lifestyle. Teak is interpreted with the unusual pickled finish Chocolate, which recalls the warmth and prestige of indoor spaces, an alternative to the typical silvery colour of this ideal wood for the outdoors. Soft wool and cashmere fabrics, with classic tartan motifs, convey a sense of cosiness and comfort, completed by soft cushions and throws in fur.


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