Tetris | Ethimo


by Marc Sadler

Tetris is a cleancut linear design accessory conceived for outdoor settings that aim to amaze thanks to unexpected elegant lighting effects. Tetris is both a floor lamp and a handy side table or pouf for the garden. The various tetrominoes in teak fit together just like a Tetris and the light from a chargeable LED light source hidden inside filters through the joins to illuminate the surrounding area.

Tetris - Ethimo
Tetris - Ethimo

Marc Sadler

He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris, in 1968, after completing the very first course in “ esthétique industrielle ” (industrial design), a discipline that evolved as a branch of architecture. After completing his studies, he and a group of friends cofounded the Design Centre Premier, the first group of associate designers in France.

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Marc Sadler for Ethimo

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