Woody | Ethimo


by Marc Sadler

Woody, floor lamp
Light meets the warmth and natural magnificence of wood.

Woody is the name that embodies the ‘substance’ of the new lamp created by Ethimo and Marc Sadler, a furnishing accessory with clean-cut refined design that brings suffused light to gardens and patios in the evening and expresses all its decorative strength during the day.

In a balanced ‘conversation’ between form and function, Woody is made entirely from natural teak (FSC certified), has a double warm LED bulb, cabled power supply and is 152 cm tall. Its unusual slender ‘tripod’ structure holds a shade with a volume dictated by the ‘rhythm’ of strips placed close together that filter and diffuse the light between their gaps, creating spectacular effects.

Woody - Ethimo
Woody - Ethimo

Marc Sadler

He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris, in 1968, after completing the very first course in “ esthétique industrielle ” (industrial design), a discipline that evolved as a branch of architecture. After completing his studies, he and a group of friends cofounded the Design Centre Premier, the first group of associate designers in France.

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Marc Sadler for Ethimo

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