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Agave collection

Lounge armchair
FSCTM certified product

The Collection

Materials and Finishes

  • M48 Sepia Black M48 Sepia Black
  • T1 Natural teak T1 Natural teak
  • A30 Acrylic Velvet Blue A30 Acrylic Velvet Blue
  • A34 Acrylic Velvet Artic Grey A34 Acrylic Velvet Artic Grey
  • PP35 Polypropylene Geometric Terra PP35 Polypropylene Geometric Terra
  • PP36 Polypropylene Geometric Marine PP36 Polypropylene Geometric Marine
  • AW28 Acrylic Black Stone AW28 Acrylic Black Stone

Care and maintenance products

Technical data

  • Length 70 cm
  • Height 67 cm
  • Weight 8 Kg


In compliance with the regulations of Copyright Law, the use of 2D and 3D models is authorized only for its own purposes and can not be transferred in any way to third parties, unrelated to the relationship between the professional user and his client.

Agave Collection

The Agave collection

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