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Teak revitalizer

Water-based lotion for teak cleaning and care.
Concentrated lotion for the renewal and thorough cleaning of grayed teak. The product is odorless and has an excellent activity of removing the grayed fibers thanks to the presence of oxalic acid.

Application quantity
Approx. 50 – 150 ml /m² depending on the dilution and the extent of greying of the wood.


  • • Before treating the wood remove the dirt;
  • • Wet the wood and apply the teak revitalizer, at most diluted for 1:3 with water;
  • • Spread the product following the wood grain and leave for at least 10 minutes. Be careful not to let the product just poured on wood dry;
  • • After treatment, rinse thoroughly and repeatedly with plenty of water, using a brush or sponge for cleaning;
  • • Repeat the application until the light and natural wood colour is visible again.

    Allow the treated surfaces to dry for at least 12 hours under standard climatic conditions (23 ºC, 50 % humidity according to DIN 50014) because, in the presence of high humidity or too low temperatures, drying may take longer.

    The day after treatment, it is recommended to apply the Nourishing teak oil Ethimo.

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