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Nourishing teak oil

Nourishing oil for the protection of Teak
It protects wooden surfaces from atmospheric agents, moisture and graying. Water-based, this product has been specially designed to ensure also high performance in terms of gloss.


  • • Shake the nourishing oil before use. Apply the product on a small part before proceeding to the complete treatment to check the shade of the final result;
  • • Use a moderate amount and spread the product in the direction of the natural grain of the wood, paying attention to remove excess;
  • • When used outdoors, it is important to protect the newly treated wood against rain until it is completely dry.

    Allow the treated wood to dry in standard climatic conditions (23 ºC, 50 % humidity).

    The day before the treatment, it is recommended to clean the surface with the Teak revitalizer Ethimo.

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