Pure and authentic values inspired by Mediterranean culture, by the timeless architecture, the environment, its enchanting fragrances and the everyday customs combined with the savoir faire of artisans with sophisticated tastes.
A well-balanced mix of beauty, nature, culture and tradition.

Magnificent innovative materials naturally merge to create unexpected combinations, guided by a constant attention to every detail. New shades of colour and previously unknown finishes differentiate every outdoor project.

Our materials have specific finishes for different surroundings: seaside, pool, city and mountain. Teak and a selection of fabrics become living materials to furnish and personalize any space in the open air. Ethimo were the first to bring an entire line dedicated to the mountains to the attention of the market.


So many collections, each one with a strong identity, and they all go well together with each other thanks to their characteristic essence. An enjoyable balancing act based on the concepts of beauty, functionality, quality and Made in Italy.

Prestigious partnerships with international designers are part of the Ethimo style.
Each one, with its own characteristics and its own style, tells the story of Ethimo, with lounge elements, dining sets, and lighting plans, which come together in an open-air design statement. 


Outdoor living with respect for the environment – this is one of the principles that the entire production is based on. The conscious decision to pay constant attention to the quality of the materials and respect for the natural environment that creates them.
The wood used is FSC certified and only comes from forests that are monitored and undergo rigorous reforestation processes.

An environment made up of details. An idea of outdoor decor that embraces the space, encompasses it and makes it unique. Accessories that give character and personality: hand woven carpets, the warm light of lamps, large lounge chairs, waterside deckchairs and so many ideas dedicated to hospitality are the solution for furnishing outdoor areas as a continuum of the house indoors.

Open-air rooms: a design studio made up of research and innovation, which is the expression of contemporary design. New in 2019, Eivissa is a structure that allows you to be in harmony with the environment. A microcosm by the sea or in the garden, which can be a living room or dining room. A complete space to experience outdoor living in all its different shades.