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All the fabrics in the Ethimo collection are specifically made for outdoor use. Other than the particular softness to the touch, they offer the maximum resistance to UV
rays and guarantee a long life. A specific treatment protects them from liquids and dirt and makes them easy to clean, with a soft sponge and mild soap, or in a washing machine at low temperatures. Especially all Waterproof fabrics are characterized by special PVC layer, which makes them 100% waterproof.

Acylic Waterproof


  • AW25 Nature White
    AW25 Nature White
  • AW24 Nature Grey
    AW24 Nature Grey
  • AW28 Black Stone
    AW28 Black Stone
  • AW39 Espresso
    AW39 Espresso



  • A25 Nature White
    A25 Nature White
  • A1 Ivory
    A1 Ivory
  • A19 Grey Sun
    A19 Grey Sun
  • A12 Dove Grey
    A12 Dove Grey
  • A24 Nature Grey
    A24 Nature Grey
  • A39 Espresso
    A39 Espresso
  • A28   Black Stone
    A28 Black Stone
  • A27 Blue Narval
    A27 Blue Narval
  • A17 Avio
    A17 Avio
  • A65 Yellow Apache
    A65 Yellow Apache
  • A31 Red Navajo
    A31 Red Navajo
  • A29 Acrylic Cherry Red
    A29 Acrylic Cherry Red
  • A76 Red Earth
    A76 Red Earth
  • A10 Wisteria Lilac
    A10 Wisteria Lilac
  • A15 Leaf
    A15 Leaf



  • P7 White
    P7 White
  • P41 Nature Grey
    P41 Nature Grey
  • P77 Red
    P77 Red



  • A34 Velvet Artic Grey
    A34 Velvet Artic Grey
  • A30 Velvet Blue
    A30 Velvet Blue


100% Acrylic - UV resistant 7/8 - Water resistant - Stain proof


  • V78 White Stone
    V78 White Stone
  • V75 Grey Stone
    V75 Grey Stone

Batyline / Batyline Canatex


  • E57 Ivory
    E57 Ivory
  • E52 Dove Grey
    E52 Dove Grey
  • E37 Cappuccino
    E37 Cappuccino



  • E51 Lilac
    E51 Lilac
  • E53 Blue
    E53 Blue
  • E56 Red
    E56 Red
  • E38 Tartan
    E38 Tartan



  • PP35 Geometric Terra
    PP35 Geometric Terra
  • PP36 Geometric Marine
    PP36 Geometric Marine
  • PP32 Pool Ebano
    PP32 Pool Ebano
  • PP33 Plaid Beige
    PP33 Plaid Beige
  • Polipropilene Lime
    Polipropilene Lime

Rain cover

100% Polyester + PVC layer – Water column 80 cm – Water-resistant – Stain-proof



  • Rain Cover Ethi–Care fabric
    Rain Cover Ethi–Care fabric

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