Code of Ethics

Since 2009, the company Whitessence srl - hereafter Whitessence - owner of the Ethimo brand, has been designing and manufacturing products for decorating outdoor spaces that reflect Italian taste, design and savoir faire.
Honesty, reliability, respect, transparency, innovation, social and environmental responsibility are the values that have always guided the work of the company and its founders, together with a deep connection to the garden world and respect for nature.
Given the geographic expansion of the business, Whitessence, while always maintaining its culture and core values, is now operating in over 70 countries and in very different and constantly evolving contexts, interacting with customers and stakeholders with the most varied characteristics and needs.

This Code of Ethics aims to establish and disseminate to all stakeholders in a clear and unequivocal manner the fundamental values of the brand, essential elements of the Company’s identity and modus operandi. In this way, a shared vision and culture can be created and individual behaviours can be directed towards common objectives that respect the interests of the Company, all partners, and all the individuals with whom it relates.

The primary objective of this Code is therefore to share and disseminate the principles and values that identify the Company, ensuring that anyone called upon to make a decision while performing his or her duties acts not only in the light of his or her own interests, but also those of others, uniting the moral and managerial spheres.

Download here the complete Code of Ethics