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Round umbrella Ø 2,5m

The Collection

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Materials and Finishes

  • A1 Acrylic Ivory A1 Acrylic Ivory
  • A12 Acrylic Dove Grey A12 Acrylic Dove Grey
  • A10 Acrylic Wisteria Lilac A10 Acrylic Wisteria Lilac
  • A39 Acrylic Espresso A39 Acrylic Espresso
  • A17 Acrylic Avio A17 Acrylic Avio
  • A15 Acrylic Leaf A15 Acrylic Leaf
  • 40 Aluminium Textured matt Mud Grey 40 Aluminium Textured matt Mud Grey
  • 31 Aluminium Textured matt Lily of the valley 31 Aluminium Textured matt Lily of the valley
  • Wood Wood

Technical data

  • Height 265 cm
  • Diameter 250 cm
  • Weight 19 Kg
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