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Ethimo @ Paris Design Week

On the occasion of the exhibition "Design Italia", curated by Rossana Orlandi, which celebrates the best of Italian design, Ethimo creates Hut, a project by Marco Lavit, Italian architect and designer. A unique nest on a human scale, a place to pause and regenerate, for chilling and wellbeing out of doors. Inviting and comfortable, its wooden structure looks skywards, protecting like a shell and becoming a privileged point of view, exclusive and private. The nests are scattered around the atriums between the BHV and Eataly, in the calm, in the spaces disconnected from the town for achieving true relaxation. In addition to Marco Lavit’s work for Ethimo, another in situ installation conceived by Nicola Spinetto Architects for Nodoo creates the link between each cocoon. According to designer Marco Lavit, the Hut installation is “a unique nest on a human scale, a place of well-being and open air. The rhythm of the wood creates narrow openings, which filter your perception of the environment. It is a place for relaxation or meditation composed of two main elements, which may coexist or live independently: a lounge platform in which you can bask in the sun or a shaded area for enjoying a pleasant moment in the open air.”


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