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Esedra, preview Salone del Mobile 2016

The partnership between Ethimo and Luca Nichetto has given rise to Esedra, a complete outdoor furniture system springing from the perfect balance between forms and materials, designed to be key elements of the space, defining its warm, comfortable and elegant atmosphere. From the union of aluminium with woven fibre and teak come solutions with the characteristic ‘C’ shape; pieces whose name and lines re-evoke the beauty and purity of classical architectural forms from the past.
An inviting collection, which expresses aesthetic and textured ideas rich in inspiration and balance.

Esedra, in the Chair, Lounge Chair, Sofa, Coffee Table, Table and Side Table versions, is a collection of furnishings that pay attention to detail, the products of passion and dedication to material and design. Esedra Chair and Lounge Chair Woven synthetic fibre, in a weave of different densities, is combined with the aluminium frame and upholstery of the chair in elegant fabric conceived for the outdoors. The harmonious ‘dialogue’ between the elements gives rise to enveloping and elegant semi-circular ‘niches’, extraordinarily spacious in the lounge version.


Esedra Sofa
The shape of the sofa, available in two different heights, is defined by the woven fibre, whose weave recalls typical old-style baskets. The sofa is completed and made comfortable by a waterproof and UV ray resistant acrylic padding, lightweight and durable, designed to last over time.


Esedra Table
The table, conceived to ideally complement the dining chairs, comes in three different shapes, with aluminium legs that can be requested in the same colour as the chair upholstery and top laminated in elegant ceramic or in warm pickle-stained teak.


Esedra Coffee Table and Side Table
The sofa and lounge chair are complemented by the practical coffee table, coming in two heights and three different shapes, which like the dining table has aluminium legs with the option of personalizing them in the same colours as the fabric of the chairs, and again with a top laminated in ceramic or pickle-stained teak. The side table comes in the same forms, a practical surface for objects which can also be used as a stool.

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