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Ethimo Official Supplier Casa Italia - Rio2016

Ethimo, with its outdoor furniture, has been the Official Supplier of Casa Italia, the headquarters of Italian Sport and all its guests, on the occasion of the 2016 OlympicGames which have been held this summer, from 5th to 21st August in Rio de Janeiro, the first city in South America to host the Olympic Games.
Casa Italia, an extraordinary location overhanging the Ocean, was hosted within the historic Costa Brava Club, situated on an island linked to the mainland by means of a bridge.
This has been an ambitious project which aimed to be the expression of the Made in Italy brand thanks to which we are both recognised and appreciated worldwide: from food to design, from art to fashion. 
Casa Italia intended to enhance the value of the Nation, to present it to an international public by means of a concept in which sport, art, culture, furniture, cuisine and hospitality, without any hierarchy between them, made a visit to the Costa Brava Club an exceptional experience. The ‘Horizontal’ concept actually drew inspiration from the long bridge, which ideally represents the integration between Italy and Brazil. 
Casa Italia was inaugurated on 3rd of August, with the presence of the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Matteo Renzi, and it was not transformed only into an institutional venue, destined to host the official meetings as well as the Italian athletes, but it has also represented a special meeting place.
Ethimo was selected so as to express what Italy has to offer within the outdoor design sector in the best possible way.
The company furnished outdoor areas intended for relaxation and socialising as well as the Spa area, with the experience of those who made the material, the colour, the shape and creativity essential project elements. In fact, Ethimo, with its own style inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and nature, skilfully and passionately interprets the Italian culture of living in the open air and, by means of its outdoor solutions, it creates special, customised layouts which perfectly fit into any environment. The protagonists of this collaboration project were the Village sofas and armchairs, the Costes sofas, the Swing rocking chair and the Ocean and Elìt sun loungers.
These elements blend the warmth of wood with the lightness of metal, and the extreme care lavished on every detail, the quality of the materials as well as the refined, contemporary shapes, made them ideal to provide those who "lived” the Casa Italia Spa and terrace area with the utmost comfort and the most pleasurable relaxation experience. Therefore, this is a partnership with international appeal which acknowledges Ethimo as the ‘Ambassador’ of the most authentic Italian Design, that is a synonym of both quality and beauty.

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