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Ethimo @ Orticolario

Since the very first edition Ethimo has been a partner and supporter of Orticolario, one of Italy’s premier gardening and horticulture events. It pays homage to the beauty and colours of nature, with contamination from the world of food, art and design. Ethimo furnishings featured in some of the more beautiful areas of Villa Erba and its gardens, and also in reception and relaxation areas for guests.

Ethimo also had its own stand in a setting inspired by Mediterranean landscapes and scents, where the woven wood of the walls designed by Patrick Norguet acted as the backdrop for some of elements that best represent the 2016 collection
On the other hand, part of the Ethimo stand was dedicated to contact with nature and feature a multi-coloured picnic area, decorated with the lively Flower collection and Le Gerle chair that becomes a backpack, holding everything you need for a day in the open air ( A new seating concept, winner of the “L’Italia si alza” competition, set up in 2014 by the Riccardo Catella Foundation in collaboration with the Cometa Association.

During this eighth edition of Orticolario official announcement also was made of the winning project of ‘Una panchina per Orticolario’ (A bench for Orticolario). This competition, promoted by Ethimo and launched at the last edition, is proof of the strong link that binds the company this special gardening event. The initiative was thought up to give new life to a seat for outdoor spaces, one that embodies Italian style and design.
The Fold bench, designed by Nicola Bonriposi and winner of the competition, were on show at Villa Erba together with the runner up, Ma Bench designed by Alessandro Abbati.




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