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Mountain Style

From the Mediterranean to the Dolomites, the Ethimo collections blend with the essence of unique places in which nature, history and the present embrace a sophisticated, meditative lifestyle brimming with charm and inspiration. Natural materials become contemporary design, among the sinuous profiles of high peaks that mark the slow rhythm of unspoiled nature.


Rafael, new look.

The Rafael collection brings its tribal spirit to high altitudes, where the discontinuous shapes of the seats recall the harmonious alternation of mountain peaks in a surprising interplay of correspondences. New outfits dress the large cushions with typically winter textures, giving life to a new mountain look. Three moods, with three different personalities, write this winter story signed by Paola Navone.
The Neve mood plays on the refined contrasts of white and grey; the Breeze mood runs through the notes of blue, embedded in checked patterns, soft velvet and warm tricot textures; the Wild Berry mood alternates the chromatic scales of red, inspired by the warm corms of wild berries, typical of high altitude vegetation.


Allaperto Mountain, Alpine charm.

The design experience of Studio Thun gives life to a line dedicated to the outdoors in the mountains. Lively tartan patterns or sophisticated weaves of Etwick bark fiber are combined with pickled teak, which designs the profiles of refined lounges, sun loungers and welcoming lounge beds. A line created to experience the outdoors in the mountains, pampered by comfortable furnishings and wrapped in precious accessories in wool or fur.


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