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Alpine charm

From the Mediterranean to the Dolomites, – which Le Corbusier described as “the most beautiful natural architecture in the world” – inspiration for Ethimo collections is always drawn from the spirit of places where nature, history and the present merge in a refined, meditative lifestyle, full of charm and stimulation.
Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Allaperto is all about contemporary design, chilling and outdoor living. The design experience of Studio Thun turns genius loci into the identity and characteristic of every single project, choosing to use local materials. Working with the knowhow of Ethimo, they create the first outdoor line for settings high in the mountains. Allaperto Mountain is a refined lounge series, complete with sunbed featuring teak profiles and typically wintery weave textiles. A line created for enjoying the Alpine air, pampered by comfortable furnishings, wrapped in gorgeous wool or fur accessories.


Soft emotions

Typically wintery textures, specific for outdoor use are the new outfit for the special mountain collection. Soft enveloping fabrics embrace the body and let the mind run free, sitting in comfort on lounge chairs, loungers and sunbeds, wrapped in soft weaves and winter patterns.


Far from the ordinary

The latest lounge version of the Kilt armchair, the iconic Knit highback, the Allaperto Mountain collection, or the unusual Chocolate teak finish for great classics like the Elle lounger or Elìt sunbeds, like the typically wintery textiles and accessories, all tell the story of outdoor relaxation in the mountains by Ethimo. These are elements in harmony with their surroundings, writing a winter story in which design champions an outdoor experience that is all about nature, leisure and comfort. An intermingling of sensations, materials, fabrics, finishes and views inside an idea of outdoor living that chooses chilling, selects quality, and creates trends through furnishing elements with refined appeal.


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