The teak used to make the Ethimo collections is of the highest quality and it is only sourced from controlled forest plantations in compliance with the strictest reforestation processes. This close focus on the environment has enabled the company to obtain the prestigious FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council). This is an international acknowledgement which testifies that the wood used in Ethimo products comes from a forest and a supply chain that are responsibly managed in line with a set of internationally accepted rules.

Painted mahogany


As for painted wooden furniture, Ethimo chooses mahogany wood coming from regulated Indonesian plantations. Mahogany is a very durable hardwood, extremely suitable for outdoor use, also commonly used in boat building. after drying and before painting, the wood is treated with a sealant which closes the pores making it waterproof. The paints used are weather resistant and weatherproof, guaranteed by a special procedure for fixing the colour.

Cleaning and maintenance
In the case of painted mahogany furniture, it is necessary to take care of the surfaces avoiding scratches and scrapes. For the cleaning of surfaces it is advisable to use only mild soap and water, absolutely avoiding sponges, aggressive detergents and abrasive agents. To restore the peeling surfaces, the corresponding touch-up paint is available.


  • M4 Langhe Green M4 Langhe Green
  • M6 Lipari Grey M6 Lipari Grey
  • M2 Pantelleria Blue M2 Pantelleria Blue
  • M3 Ostuni White M3 Ostuni White



Ethimo Etwick fiber is completely recyclable and recreates wicker’s natural look. It perfectly withstands the elements and the passage of time. It is handwoven and it has a rough finish which makes it perfectly natural to the touch and sight.

Ethimo Lightwick fibre is a weaving composed of a wire base with a diameter of 2 mm with a round section used to create different meshes carrying out an irregular, very comfortable pattern. Combined with the aluminium frame, it gives shape to outdoor elements characterized by extreme lightness and strength.

Ethimo Natwick fibre is a recyclable synthetic fibre in a natural and sand– colour finish, whose semi–circular section means it can be used fo especially light, dynamic weaving. Extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and wear.


Cleaning and maintenance
For normal cleaning and maintenance it is advisable to wash the fiber with pressurized water, using a non-abrasive sponge and mild soap or with a soft-bristled brush to better penetrate the cracks in the weave. It is recommended to not use tools that can scratch the surface of the fiber. Let the furniture dry in the sun. Cover with cushions only when it is completely dry.

  • W20 Etwick bark W20 Etwick bark
  • W21 Etwick white W21 Etwick white
  • W22 Lightwick warmgrey W22 Lightwick warmgrey
  • W23 Lightwick warmwhite W23 Lightwick warmwhite
  • WNF Sand Beige Tight Weave WNF Sand Beige Tight Weave
  • WNH Sand Beige Wide Weave WNH Sand Beige Wide Weave


The ropes used in the Ethimo collections are specific for outdoor use and made from a synthetic material that is highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and the elements. In different cross-sections (flat and round) and compositions (polypropylene for Flat Rope, acrylic for Round Rope), they create extremely functional and comfortable woven seats and backs.


The ropes used in the Ethimo collections are specific for outdoor use and made from a synthetic material that is highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and the elements. In different cross-sections (flat and round) and compositions (polypropylene for Flat Rope, acrylic for Round Rope), they create extremely functional and comfortable woven seats and backs.


Cleaning and maintenance
To clean off the dust and dirt that may collect in the rope weave, simply wash with a pressure washer and leave to dry thoroughly. Do not cover the furniture while still damp.




Rattan is a natural fibre made from the stem of a certain kind of palm. Flexible and pliant, it is easy to work and weave into various objects. A typical material for outdoor furniture in the fifties, it is actually quite delicate and must be treated carefully when used outside, protected from bad weather and aggression by atmospheric agents. It is recommended for use in covered spaces.

We recommend washing the surface with a non-abrasive sponge and neutral soap, rubbing gently.

  • WN Natural Rattan WN Natural Rattan



In its constant research for new materials, suited specifically for outdoor use, Ethimo is pleased to introduce Pvc with a nylon core. This material is exceptionally resistant and sturdy, brightly coloured and superbly finished.

  • RTW Pvc rope Turquoise RTW Pvc rope Turquoise



Ethimo uses natural stone, such as statuary marble and lava stone.
The marble is given a treatment to protect its surface that leaves it with a matte finish. Lava stone, enamelled in emerald green, may vary in colour and show occasional irregularities. These are traits characteristic of both the natural stone and the artisan finish. After specific treatment, surfaces in marble and enamelled lava stone ensure exceptional hygiene, resistance to atmospheric agents, staining, scratching and low water absorption. They are also highly resistant to wear and tear and differences in temperature. 


Cleaning and maintenance
We recommend washing the surface with a non-abrasive sponge and neutral soap. 

  • MS Statuary Marble MS Statuary Marble
  • PSR  Enamelled Lava Stone Smeraldo PSR Enamelled Lava Stone Smeraldo
  • PLSB Enamelled Lava Stone Opaque White PLSB Enamelled Lava Stone Opaque White
  • PLA Lava Stone Ardesia PLA Lava Stone Ardesia
  • PSP Enamelled Lava Stone Acquamarina PSP Enamelled Lava Stone Acquamarina
  • PSL London Smoke PSL London Smoke
  • MM Mosaic marble MM Mosaic marble
  • MC Cipollino marble MC Cipollino marble



The clay which the garden lamps Step are made of, occurs naturally in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany.
The clay comes to life in the hands of experienced workers in the furnaces of the Val di Chiana, adapting to the shape of the mold. Removed from the mold, the workpiece is purified by imperfections. After a slow and homogeneous phase of dehydration, the products are placed in ovens for cooking, which requires about 3 days, reaching a maximum temperature of about 1000 degrees.

  • C64 Terracotta C64 Terracotta
  • C65 Red Earth C65 Red Earth
  • C66 Mud Grey C66 Mud Grey



  • CS Concrete CS Concrete
  • CS01 White Concrete CS01 White Concrete
  • CS02 Red Stone Concrete CS02 Red Stone Concrete
  • CS03 Purple Concrete CS03 Purple Concrete

Ceramic stone


Ceramic is an ideal material for outdoor use, extremely resistant to frost, wear, scratches and abrasion. Suitable for counters and table tops because it is antibacterial and totally compatible with foodstuffs. The finishes chosen by Ethimo reproduce the authenticity of natural stone or the resin–coated effect in slate black and dove grey.

  • LI Ice White LI Ice White
  • LR Stone Graphite LR Stone Graphite
  • LL Disegno (LI, LR, LS) LL Disegno (LI, LR, LS)
  • LN Slate Grey LN Slate Grey
  • LS Sand LS Sand
  • LG Dove Grey LG Dove Grey
  • LV Black Vulcano LV Black Vulcano
  • LB White LB White
  • LT Grey LT Grey
  • LP Piombo Silk LP Piombo Silk


  • HN Intense Black HN Intense Black



Glass is solid, light, transparent, and sustainable because it is 100% recyclable. Known and used for thousands of years, it is made from silica, which, at extremely high temperatures, turns into an incandescent material that can then be moulded to make infinite shapes. Blown glass from Murano in particular exploits an art invented in the first century B.C., its expressive language the result of skilled artisans who, by blow through a long tube, swell this material and lend it form.

  • V1 / Transparent Fumè V1 / Transparent Fumè
  • V2 / Transparent Amber V2 / Transparent Amber
  • V3 / Transparent Light Anthracite V3 / Transparent Light Anthracite
  • V4 / Acid Etched Fumè V4 / Acid Etched Fumè
  • V5 / Acid Etched Amber V5 / Acid Etched Amber
  • V6 / Acid-etched Light anthracite V6 / Acid-etched Light anthracite
  • VBA / White Acid-etched VBA / White Acid-etched



Accoya® is a highly durable new timber product obtained thanks to a non-toxic acetylation process, with qualities that make it ideal for outside purposes. It is produced from sustainable raw materials and has greater dimensional stability and durability than the best tropical hardwoods.

  • T1A Accoya<sup>®</sup> T1A Accoya®



All the fabrics in the Ethimo collection are specifically made for outdoor use. Other than the particular softness to the touch, they offer the maximum resistance to UV
rays and guarantee a long life. A specific treatment protects them from liquids and dirt and makes them easy to clean, with a soft sponge and mild soap, or in a washing machine at low temperatures. Especially all Waterproof fabrics are characterized by special PVC layer, which makes them 100% waterproof.

Rug collection



Water-resistant – UV resistant

The collection is primarly designed and treated for outdoor use, UV (color fading) and weather resistant. Carpets can be stain-proof, anti-mold and water repellent treated. Carpets are also perfectly suitable for indoor use.

  • PP80 Green Seaweed PP80 Green Seaweed
  • PP81 Blue Indigo PP81 Blue Indigo
  • PP83 Clay Terracotta PP83 Clay Terracotta
  • PP84 Coconut PP84 Coconut

Siberian larch

  • T1L Siberian Larch T1L Siberian Larch

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