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Iconic Gardens.
A special project all about nature and design.

Ethimo’s journey into love for gardens and passion for design continues, coming alive in a special photo shoot in the Botanical Gardens at the University of Palermo, a natural and architectonic legacy of inestimable appeal and value.
In this unique setting, Ethimo traces the profile of contemporary thinking and its aesthetic language pays homage to the principles of harmony and wellbeing that characterise this amazing garden.


Seen through the lens of photographer Bernard Touillon, iconic pieces from the Ethimo collection pose and merge with the shapes and colours of this marvellous, luxuriant nature, against the magnificent backdrop of extraordinary plants, like giant bamboos, ginkgo biloba, ficus macrophylla, citrus trees and palms.  


Seeming to borrow matter and form from the scenarios and architectures created by these enormous plants, the furnishing elements become their natural extension.
Under the foliage of more than 400 square metres of the ficus known as the “Garden Giant”, Rafael, the latest collection engendered by the flair of Paola Navone, enhances the solid essence of the wood and the craftsmanship of its manufacture, Esedra by Luca Nichetto, stands in a bamboo grove that emphasises its colonial style; the Grand Life collection designed by Christophe Pillet, is embraced in a magical timeless mood inside the nineteenth-century greenhouse, and Swing with its repetition of elements born out of collaboration with Patrick Norguet, becomes a classic piece among the columns of the Gymnasium. 


Covering ten hectares, the Botanical Gardens in Palermo are one of Sicily’s ‘magical’ places, and in this case, an exceptional stage setting.
Here, Ethimo expresses its primordial link with the landscape, history, and the colours, scents and unmistakable atmospheres of the Mediterranean culture that have always inspired its outdoor collections.

Iconic Gardens interprets the “contemporary dream” of living in and blending with nature.
Ethimo furnishings become elements of the natural environment, highlighting a contemporary design, one of timeless solidity and elegance.

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